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Classic Country Music

Country music made its mark in the early twentieth century. It has been initially popular amongst the individuals in rural areas of the west and the south. This type of music has developed from ballads and famous folk tunes. From

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Booking Your Band

You’ve brought together three or four of the optimum musicians in town, and they’re jamming to your tunes. You’ve spent days and evenings writing and rewriting lyrics, and you’ve been working hard to optimum your sound. Lastly, after a lot

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Blues Revivals, Pop Music Influences

Every few years an individual rediscovers the blues. Pop music, that stuff you hear on the majority commercial radio stations, is a business. The idea is to make lots of money by selling music like it was toothpaste. You find

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Art Of Band Creation

No wonder we all seek to express ourselves in some way. To achieve success in music we need a band, as a solo career is no longer popular. And now you are amidst decisions how to choose the performer members

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A Guide To Country Music

Hillbilly music, country, western music or country and western all refer to country music. This genre of music is diverse. Virtually all modern country music artistes have developed their styles from earlier singers. Whether it’s a classic or contemporary tune,

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