Booking Your Band

You’ve brought together three or four of the optimum musicians in town, and they’re jamming to your tunes. You’ve spent days and evenings writing and rewriting lyrics, and you’ve been working hard to optimum your sound. Lastly, after a lot of months of practice, you are ready to reap the advantages of your hard work. But how do you begin?
As a new band, the idea of booking your 1st gig might prove to be a daunting task. Still, it does not have to be. By following these simple steps, you might turn a externally overwhelming process into a productive one.
Making sure that the members of the band are all on the same page is an essential 1st step in the booking process. Agree on a number of gigs per month that anybody at all will play. Put together a set of your best tunes and make a demo. Your demo ought to not include full-length tunes ; a few short snippets of your strongest material will showcase your band’s strengths and will sell your band to potential Venues with little or no resolution. With your demo, include a photo of the band, a short statement about the music or type of that the band plays, and your contact information, including the band’s web site. Decide what Venues you’re interested in playing and how much you’ll charge them for playing, if anything. Getting these details out of the way early will produce wonderful communication among the band members, thus avoiding misunderstandings in the future.
Next, do your research. Scope out the Local scene; find out who your competition is, which performers performance where, what Clubs cater to your specific sound, and who your target listeners is. Talk to seasoned Local acts; a number of times times, your fellow musicians will be your perfect sources of information. Getting to know your competition, your listeners and your Local scene will prove to be an indispensable tool when you are selling yourself to venue owners and booking agents. furthermore, be open to anything. Limiting yourself to clubs and bars will hinder your chances of booking your band. Find out about open-mic nights in your area, offer to open for other performers for free and find out about Local fairs and festivals where your band might get some exposure.
When you’re out and about checking out potential Clubs, ask for the names of the people responsible for booking artists at that location. Get their contact information and keep track. Use all of your contacts and, when calling them, be brief and to the point. Ask them If they have time to talk, and if not, when it would be a good time to contact them. Ask for permission before submitting your demo. Be persistent, but not pushy, and realize that it will take some time to get that job. Once you do get the gig, be sure to discuss payment, if any, as well as what you’ll need to bring as opposed to what the Club will provide. Be professional and be honest.
With determination, a little know-how, and some clever self-promotion, you could land that first show and be on your way to success in no time.

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